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Is Your Jewelry Fully Insured?

Safeguarding your valuables is an important, though often overlooked, way to protect sentimental family heirlooms and expensive gems that you just can’t risk losing. The most critical step you can take to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your treasures is to purchase the appropriate

Flood, Wind & Hail: Insure Your Home Against Mother Nature’s Wrath

Property damage caused by hail, flooding and wind can be very costly to repair – even a minimal amount of flooding or hail can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your house or car. Planning for the possibility of a storm before it happens is important to limiting potential repair costs.

Morris & Templeton Insurance Enters Grange Life $100 Million Club

News Release March 5, 2013 Morris & Templeton Insurance enters Grange Life $100 Million Club (Columbus, Ohio) – Morris and Templeton Insurance Agency of Savannah was recognized by Grange Life Insurance (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Grange Mutual Casualty Company) for earning entry into

How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

In the past, an insurance agent would work for just one company. The agent would only be able to sell that company’s products and wouldn’t have much of an understanding of other options. As the insurance industry became more competitive, many agents decided to become independent insurance