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What Kind Of Plan Do You Have In Place, In Addition To Workers Compensation Insurance?

What can you do to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment? This question should be at the top of the agenda for business executives and managers. The safety of all who work within the organization is in the hands of the company's leadership. It is certainly true to say that everybody has a

Study Finds Life Insurance and Other Income Protection Products Help Build a Loyal Workforce

Employee benefits programs play a huge role in employee satisfaction, retention and loyalty, with some types of benefits having a greater impact than others. How can life insurance and other voluntary benefits help you build a loyal workforce? A recent study, the MetLife 9th Annual Study of

Three Reasons Your Business Needs Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Since the 1990s, lawsuits filed by employees against current, former or even prospective employers have been on the rise. While most of these lawsuits are filed against large companies, no company is immune. Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance helps protect against the risk of