What Kind Of Plan Do You Have In Place, In Addition To Workers Compensation Insurance?

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What can you do to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment? This question should be at the top of the agenda for business executives and managers. The safety of all who work within the organization is in the hands of the company’s leadership. It is certainly true to say that everybody has a part to play here, but what should the company leaders focus on?


There should be a formal document, available to everybody, outlining what the policies and procedures related to safety within each department. Educational programs should be made available in order to improve safety.


Routine maintenance checks should be made on a regular basis and regular housekeeping measures implemented, so that all employees know what to do and who to inform. Equipment should be checked regularly to make sure that excess wear and tear is caught early enough.

Disaster Plan

Nobody likes to think about it, but you must prepare for the worst case scenario. Create and frequently rehearse a well-structured worksite disaster plan.

Protective Equipment

Provide protective equipment and make sure that it is kept in good condition. Ensure that employees wear it at all times.

Review and Improve

Accidents will happen. When they do, ensure that you learn from them. Conduct a thorough analysis and make sure that all relevant people in the organization are engaged.


Have a zero tolerance policy for horseplay or workplace violence. If it is necessary to take action against someone, make sure that the reasons are clearly documented. Everyone should be aware of what you are doing – and why.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This kind of coverage protects employees in the case of a workplace injury or work related illness. It is very valuable business insurance and is offered by a number of carriers in the state. Morris & Templeton will advise you so you can get workers compensation insurance coverage in place, to strengthen your workplace safety efforts.

Do you have a safety plan in place? If so, have you ever had reason to implement it?

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