Client Testimonials

We at Morris & Templeton dedicate our resources to providing the utmost in customer service and care. Read the following testimonials to see how this dedication has worked for past and current clients, or call our office at 912-355-4549 to learn for yourself. You may also contact our Georgia agency online.

Morris Templeton Remembers 25 years of life stories

W. Rex Templeton Sr. : He was just driving down the highway when out of nowhere, Jim Daly’s trailer caused his truck, with Jim and his grandson inside, to flip over. Jim was asking paramedics at the scene to call his insurance agency saying, “They’ll know what to do.” Thankfully, both Jim and his grandson walked away and in just a few days, we had Jim in a new truck. He said he knew, with 100% confidence, that we’d take care of him. We have for 25 years, and we always will. 
-Mr Daly and his Grandson, Savannah, GA

W. Rex Templeton, Sr.: The Burke’s Tybee beach house has been in their family for generations. One morning, while no one was there, a leak upstairs found its way downstairs and soon, water was running out from under the garage door. With just one phone call to us, and one call to get a claim number, we had the necessary work crews out there before the Burkes arrived. I can still hear Evelyn Burke saying, “It only took two phone calls! Just two phone calls!” She was so grateful. We were just glad to help.
-Mr and Mrs. Burke, Tybee Island, GA