How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

Category: Personal Insurance

In the past, an insurance agent would work for just one company. The agent would only be able to sell that company’s products and wouldn’t have much of an understanding of other options.

As the insurance industry became more competitive, many agents decided to become independent insurance agents instead. These changes benefit consumers the most: more options and better choices are now available in one convenient location.

Independent Agents Offer More Insurance Options

An independent insurance agent represents multiple insurance companies. By having so many choices available in one location, you do not have to drive all over Georgia just to get quotes. Your agent will gather the quotes for you, which means less work for you.

Independent agents know the challenges many families and businesses face in these tough economic times. Your agent will get to know you and actively seek policies that include money saving discounts. This means better coverage at a more affordable rate.

Avoid Coverage Problems

As time goes on, your insurance needs will change. Maybe your business expands and you need a larger business policy. Maybe you move to a bigger house and need to update your homeowners insurance.

If you are working with only one company, you could run into coverage problems because of these changes. Since one company can only offer so many products, it’s possible it may not offer the right insurance for your different needs. Depending on your new risk level, your insurance company could also drop your coverage altogether. This puts you in a situation where you have the wrong coverage or no coverage at all.

At our offices in Savannah and Atlanta, GA, we help clients avoid problems during these transitions. If one company doesn’t offer the insurance that you need, your agent will look for a company that does.

What do you think? When you choose an insurance company, are the benefits of working with an independent agent valuable enough for you to seek one out? Can you think of any reasons why you would stay with an agent that only sells for one company?

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